ASU Football Recruiting Talk - Revised 1/7/2010

Putting up this post so we can discuss the upcoming recruiting class, gets updates when we get a new commit, and what anyone is hearing about some of our prospects.  My personal opinion is that this class has the makings to be very good or very poor depending on a few key recruits.  I have noticed that there have been a lot of recruits that have looked and narrowed their decision to ASU and another school and have more often than not chosen the other school. Heres to hoping that DE can do some serious closing in the next couple of months.

Here are the commits we already have:

George Bell, WR - 6-3 with 4.4 40 sounds pretty good to me.  I also heard he used to be a lockdown CB too

Josh Fulton, TE - Not going to be a Miller but anything is better than we saw this year.  Also an in-state guy so I am glad he stayed home.

Kevin Anderson, Mike Willie (JC) and Randy Knust,  WR - All over 6'1" and under 4.5 40

Taylor Walstad, Deantre Lewis, Carl Bradford, and Damian Williams, RB - Dont seem to be gamebreakers but depth is needed.  Walstad is another AZ guy and our first commit.  Bradford is more of a fullback at 6'1" 230

Nduka Onyeali, DE - 6'1" 240 and runs a 4.5-4.6 40.  Just recently named second team high school all american.

Jordan McDonald and Joita Te'i DE - McDonald is a local kid that has good size at 6'4" 215.  Would like to see him redshirt to put on some weight. 

Devan Spann, CB - Playing for one of the best teams in the nation.  Hopefully he can bring his big name teammates this year and next.  There are some huge recuits that would be nice additions to the Sun Devils.

Chris De Armas and Sil Ajawara, OG; Aderious Simmons, Tyler Sulka, and Jamil Douglas, OT - A lot of these kids are big with Simmons and De Armas being teammates at a Cali JUCO.  Douglas and Sulka will need to put on about 20-30 pounds.

Here are the major prospects that would greatly help this program:

Jackson Jeffcoat, DE - I think we might be a long shot at getting him but hopefully he wants to follow in his dad's footsteps. Visited ASU

Hayes Pullard, MLB - He would be a nice pickup since he could start the Crenshaw HS to ASU since we are recruiting about 5 others from their team including the #1 RB in the class of 2011.  Visited ASU

Marquis Flowers, S - AZ kid that would really help this program.  I think he could come in and start right away.  Really hope he becomes a Sun Devil.  Visited ASU

Other pretty big prospect - Eric Dargan - S, Kemonte Bateman -  WR,  James McConico - RB, Soma Vainuku - LB, Kain Colter - QB, and John Cullen - OT.

Hope this gets us started and we should be hearing shortly about some commits coming.  Please update if anyone hears anything new.

This post was brought to you by a member of the House Of Sparky community.

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