NFL Draft Projections 2010 -- Arizona State

Even this being the second in two down years of Sun Devil football, many of Erickson's Class of 2010 could have a future in the NFL. Let's review who may have a NFL contract in their near future...

Shawn Lauvao (OL) -- Shawn was probably the most consistent lineman the Sun Devils have had in the past three years. In the last three years, he has played every game at different line positions moving between guard and tackle and starting in all, but four. Shawn played 17 games at left guard and 14 games at left tackle showing he can protect any quarterback's blind side. ESPN reported he can bench over 500 pounds and squat over 600. His high bench numbers could entice many coaches and general managers to take a chance and draft him earlier (see Heyward-Bey.) Shawn, despite his strength, may have to put on ten to fifteen pounds to be in the average for NFL offensive lineman. I projected Shawn at a early sixth round pick and will probably stick with a team in need of versatility and/or plagued by injuries.

Dexter Davis (DE/OLB) -- Going into the 2009 season, Dexter was considered one of the best pass-rushers in the country and a lock to be draft. Now, after a 2009 season, where he went from 11 sacks to 3.5, he'll be lucky to be drafted. Dexter went to the East-West Shrine practices and was torn to shreds by scouts saying he will not be able to play linebacker because of his lack of coverage ability. Without coverage ability, any team with a 3-4 defense will be out of the question as he will be too small to play defensive end in the 3-4 defensive alignment. If he wishes to play defensive end in another 4-3 system, he will have to located the pass-rushing ability he had in 2009. I project Dexter will catch on as a late seventh round pick with a team running the 4-3 willing to try and find that former pass rushing ability.

Chris McGaha (WR) -- Chris has started in every game since 2007, but never put up a stellar season. His highest receiving yards total was in 2007 where he ran up 830 yards and catch a season-high 61 throws. Chris contributed to the Arizona State offense, but never was a true number one receiver, which the NFL thrives on. Against Georgia, Chris vanished in two years straight only catching 6 balls and 41 yards. I project Chris will most likely go undrafted and, hopefully, catch on with team in need of wide receivers.

Travis Goethel (ILB) -- Travis played in all the games in his four year college career. Despite the emergence of freshman Vontaze Burflict at linebacker, Travis still managed to register 57 tackles, only losing 14 tackles from 2008. He is most likely stuck at ILB because of his apparent lack of pass rushing skills (2 sacks at ASU). Travis could play in either a 4-3 or 3-4 at ILB, while he may not be able to play OLB in either. I project Travis to go in the middle seventh round to a team willing to take a chance on a consistent college player.

Dimitri Nance (RB) -- Nance led Arizona State in rushing the last two years, but that does no say very much. In 2008, he only ran for 410 yards and, in 2009, only ran for 795. He is a tough inside runner and would rather lower his shoulder, then spin out of a tackle. In his 2006 and 2008 seasons, his longest rush was only for 17 and 18 yards, which shows he lacks break-out speed. In his career, however, he ran for 19 touchdowns which shows he has a nose for the goal line and could be a goal line specialist in the NFL. I project Dimitri will go undrafted because many teams will not use a draft pick on only a goal line talent.

Thomas Altieri (C) -- Altieri started a total of 22 games over his last two seasons. He replace Mike Pollak after he went to the NFL. Altieri is slightly underweight like Lauvao. He missed two games in his last season which adds a durability question to an already weak portfolio. I project Alteri will go undrafted and will maybe catch on a practice squad.

Disagree? Agree with all your heart? Either way, comment below and give me your own projections.

This post was brought to you by a member of the House Of Sparky community.

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