ASU Putting on a Dominant Final Home Act, Lead Washington State 32-0 at Half

Jennifer Hilderbrand-US PRESSWIRE

Sun Devil quarterback Taylor Kelly silencing his critics by going 14-17 with 160 yards and three touchdowns

First half observations:

1st Quarter

- ASU rocking the classy Maroon and Gold jerseys

- WSU wide receiver Bobby Ratliff one hand snag should be an ESPN top ten play

- Sun Devils run defense comes out strong

- Muffed punt by the Cougars after opening possession, setting the Devils up inside the 5-yard line

- ASU red zone offense continues to struggle

- Jon Mora 21 yard field goal is good (ASU 3-0)

- Cougar returner Marcus Mason is a bonehead, failing to let a kick dribble out of bounds

- Will Sutton appears 100 percent, consistently clogging the middle

- Jeff Tuel and company failing to move the ball, -20 yards through 2 possessions

- Taylor Kelly overshooting WR's early, including a would be touchdown pass to Rashad Ross

- D.J. Foster getting lots of opportunities early after limited chances in prior weeks

- Taylor Kelly touchdown 15 yard pass to Rashad Ross, Kelly-to-Marshall on the 2 point conversion (ASU 11-0)

- Tuel finding sole success via quick passing attack

- Josh Hubner boots a 52 yard punt, validating his candidacy for the Ray Guy award

- Efficient Sun Devil 6 play 47 yard drive capped of by Taylor Kelly's 18 yard touchdown pass to a wide open Chris Coyle. (18-0)

- Jeff Tuel's interception to senior Keelan Johnson may have been one of the worst passes I've ever witnessed.

- ASU dominating every aspect of the game at the end of 1st quarter action, game is practically over already.

2nd Quarter

- Cameron Marshall got 2 carries to gain four yards but failed, turnover on downs

- Jamal Miles 14 yard return almost turned into a De'Anthony Thomas esk touchdown against Colorado

- Breaking news, Josh Hubner is ASU's best player, punt travels 54 yards pinning WASU at the 2 yard line

- Connor Holliday checks in for Mike Leach, possibly a smart decision after last year's 500 plus yard game

- WASU offense averaging an embarrassing 2.2 yards per play, accumulating only 4 first downs

- Kelly's 21 yard pass to Ross is easily one of his best throws all seasons, solid velocity

- Kelly 17 yard touchdown pass to Marion Grice. No exaggeration Grice jukes at least 3 defenders, nasty moves. (ASU 25-0)

- Marion Grice's 8th TD reception leads the nation for all running backs

- ASU defense displaying early season form, plethora of pressure

- Keelan Johnson having a standout senior day, 2nd interception, although both passes were basically right to him

- First play after turnover, Michael Eubank 29 yard touchdown pass to Chris Coyle (ASU 32-0)

- Despite the discrepancy in score, Todd Graham will be furious with Jaxon Hood's unnecessary roughness penalty

- ASU dominating 32-0 at half

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