ASU Football: 'Sun Devil Legends Series' No. 66 George Fadok

George Fadok takes home our honors at No. 66, but it was not an easy decision.

In what might be the tightest battle we've ever had for a spot in our series, George Fadok's 1977 season helped him squeak past his competition.

The Backstory: Throughout our "Summer of Legends" series, one of the most difficult challenges has been comparing players from different eras. On certain days, we have the luxury to choose between Sun Devil greats that played as far back as the 1950s and as recently as the late 2000s.

However, at No. 66 we encountered an unusual occurrence. Three different Sun Devils that played within 11 years of each other all put together nearly identical resumes. Each resume includes an Honorable Mention on the Associated Press All-American team, recognition on an All-Conference squad, and at least two years as a starter on the offensive line.

So how did we decide? Well, the tie went to the only man who earned First-Team All-Conference recognition, and that is George Fadok.

The Player: George Fadok (1974-1977)

Of the four players who we considered as the "Sun Devil Legend" at No. 66, George Fadok is the only player who wasn't a Team Captain during his time in Tempe.

So how did versatile lineman outlast his fellow Sun Devils and earn our recognition? By being First Team All-Western Conference performer.

In 1977, Fadok culminated his third season as a starter by becoming the only Arizona State starting offensive lineman to earn First-Team All-Conference honors that season.

Aside from the conference recognition, Fadok also received national attention when he was named an Honorable Mention All-American by the Associated Press that season. However, the individual accomplishments during his senior year pale in comparison to what the team accomplished during his first year as a starter.

In 1975, Fadok joined the Sun Devil offensive line as the starting left guard and helped pave the way to an undefeated 12-0 season under coach Frank Kush. That year, the Sun Devils defeated the Nebraska Cornhuskers 17-14 in the Fiesta Bowl in what was one of the most impressive victories in program history.

So while Fadok may not have been a team captain, his resume still speaks volumes.

Honorable Mentions

Scott Kirby: Kirby started for two seasons at the strong tackle position and was part of the first group of team captains selected by coach Larry Marmie in 1988. That season, Kirby went on to become an Honorable Mention All-American as well as a Second Team All-Pac-10 performer.

David Fonoti: Fonoti's resume may be identical to that of Kirby's if not for the fact that he was a three-year starter instead of just two years. Nevertheless, Fonoti was still a team captain, an Honorable Mention All-American, and a Second Team All-Pac-10 lineman in 1985.

Steve Matlock: Though Matlock never made an All-Conference team, he was a two-year starter and a team captain in 1972.

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