ASU Football 2013: Who Will You Be Rooting For?

Chris Coyle has found a way to endear himself to the ASU faithful. - USA TODAY Sports

By now, it's established that we're all Sun Devil fans. So why not break things down even further and figure out why we love this team so much?

Every fan has a reason.

For teenage boys, it's the rush they get from seeing Will Sutton blast opposing quarterbacks. For men of a different generation, it's the sound North-South approach that Marion Grice brings to the backfield. For some female ASU students, it's the thought of running into Mike Bercovici without his helmet on.

Whether you like crushing hits, a fundamental style of play, or handsome football players, you're a Sun Devil fan for a reason.

As fans, our dedication to the team spans many seasons. While athletes come in and out of the program, our love for the maroon and gold never wavers, even upon the graduation of our favorite players.

But how do we come about choosing a favorite player? Wouldn't it make sense for us to love all of our Sun Devils equally? Logic says yes, but our hearts tell us no.

There's something about selecting a favorite player that becomes so rewarding for a fan. Maybe you're a kid who can't stop telling your parents about how you're the next D.J. Foster. Or maybe you're a parent who's out in the backyard molding the next Taylor Kelly. Either way, when you're favorite player succeeds, you get a feeling of satisfaction.

Much of our fandom revolves around the "I told you so," syndrome. If Marion Grice emerges as a Heisman candidate this year, plenty of Sun Devil faithful will be roaming the streets of Tempe looking for someone to tell that "they told you so." If Arizona State wins the Rose Bowl, even Todd Graham would be free to exercise the "I told you so" clause.

So with another exciting season of ASU football just 13 weeks away, we asked you, the fans, to help us out and tell us who are your favorite Sun Devils. Plenty of excellent reasoning is on display, but we're still looking for that bold tweet about Bercovici's good looks.

Why not start with the dynamic duo?

And we're having fun watching him


A wise decision

Coming to a school record book near you

Couldn't have said it better ourselves

So you're onto this too?

"I Told You So" just waiting to happen. And we can't wait.

The maroon and gold version at least

Is it because he plays like the Hulk?

A dedicated fan to a dedicated player

The love is mutual

The most vocal player on the field

Yep, we love them too!

Our favorite response

Nearly every fan has a favorite player. From Marion Grice to Chris Coyle, the Sun Devils have the full support and commitment of the Arizona State fan base. With football season fast approaching, it's almost time to get decked out in maroon and gold and come to Sun Devil Stadium to start shouting, "I told you so."

We'll see you there.

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