ASU's Best Moment: 'Team Achievements' Region No. 7 vs. No. 8

ASU Athletics

The last elite eight matchup features two of the bracket's most surprising Cinderellas but only one can move on. Who will it be? Vote now!

Round of 8

Region 4: Team Achievements

No. 7 "Camp Tontozona Reopens" vs. No. 8 "Lacrosse Makes Final Four"

The Case for "Camp T": It may seem silly to say, but for my money, so much of what head coach Todd Graham was able to do right in his first year began with the return to Camp Tontozona. The fact that Graham and the all-powerful Steve Patterson managed to restore one of Arizona State's greatest traditions in their first years on the job is something that needs to be applauded.

Getting back to the camp that Frank Kush built for the first time since 2008 was the perfect way to transition from the tumultuous Dennis Erickson era. Although it's just practice, it undoubtedly meant something to a fanbase that left fractured and searching for a true identity after the late 2000s. Need proof? How about the $160,000 raised by the ASU community to get their football team back up to that magically green preseason practice.

Face it gang, there's just something special about singing the fight song on top of Mount Kush. So if you believe in the sanctity of tradition, move "Camp T" on to the next round. - Cody Ulm

Previous Results

Round 1: Defeated No. 2 "ASU Hockey Sweeps U of A" 65% (26 votes received) to 35%

Round 2: Defeated No. 3 "Softball's 21-Game Win Streak" 58% (11 votes received) to 42%

The case for "Lacrosse": Payson Clark. Justin Straker. Dan Davis. If you're a devoted Sun Devil athletics fan, you still might not know these names. But you should. The trio above formed one of the most successful attack lines in Arizona State lacrosse history and propelled the Sun Devils to their fourth straight final four.

Like ASU Hockey, lacrosse is a club sport and doesn't compete at the NCAA level. However, like hockey, club lacrosse has become increasingly competitive and 2013 was a banner year for the sport. Teams from across the country pulled in top-notch recruiting classes and Arizona State was no different. Sun Devil standouts like Preston Anderson and Jackson Browne joined coach Chris Malone's recruiting class in hopes of building a legacy in the desert.

And that's exactly what this team did. The Sun Devils overcame losses to two conference rivals (Chapman and Grand Canyon) to demolish the Arizona Wildcats before heading to the MCLA Tournament. Upon arrival, ASU thrashed two opponents by 10 goal margins before ultimately succumbing to National Runner-Up Colorado by one goal. ASU Lacrosse made its fourth consecutive MCLA final four this season, and hope abounds for next year. Though this team might be anonymous to some Sun Devil fans, it deserves recognition and deserves to move on. -Kerry Crowley

Previous Results

Round 1: Defeated No. 1 "ASU Football Wins Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl" 64% (105 votes received) to 36%

Round 2: Defeated No. 5 "ASU Hockey Makes Final Four" 71% (54 votes received) to 29%

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