Kudos on the win, ASU

There's been plenty of back-and-forth this past week and post game with the fans here, and while I'm sure we disagree on how the ending of the game should have played out, it's over now and it'll go down in the record books 32-30 so there's no real use arguing at this point, and any number of plays by either team earlier in the game (so many dropped balls by your receivers!) would have made the finish moot anyway. But with how hard it was to get a bead on the outcome of this game going into it, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised it all came down to one last play. Anyway, I'll let that whole thing rest, and give some thoughts on the game itself and the teams:

Your defense looked pretty good. Will Sutton and company really gummed up the middle, and with the notable exception of giving up nearly 200 yards to Superman Melvin Gordon (seriously, with more carries I feel like we could start a MGIII4Heisman campaign), they generally held our rushing game to minimal yards up the gut. White's 3.8 ypc even seems higher than I would have expected from watching the game. I really wish Stave and the line performed better in the passing game, as we were never able to stretch the field and take the pressure off of the run game. It'll be interesting to see if that run defense can keep up their performance when you guys get into the meat of your PAC-12 schedule with teams that throw the ball a lot more/better.

Taylor Kelly looks like a quality QB and his stat sheet would look even better without the dropped passes (which I assume are not the norm?), so the offense should continue humming along over the next couple years. Those back shoulder passes to the sideline were picking us apart for a while there near the end of the game.

Heat didn't seem to be the issue that it was hyped to be by some folks, but without a comparison game against you guys up here this week I guess it's impossible to tell. However, according to the broadcast, the heat index was in the low 90s at game time, which hasn't been terribly uncommon up here over the last month, so I'm assuming it wasn't too big of a deal for the Wisconsin players.

The ambiance was everything it was billed to be, though. I've heard you guys don't generally sell out the stadium and that having five or six thousand tickets unsold is a good turnout, but from the comfort of my couch it seemed a pretty good atmosphere and a definite advantage for the home team. Hopefully the attendance improves for you going forward, as it's a shame not to sell out a stadium if there's good football being played inside.

I thought in general our DBs did well, and certainly weren't out-athleted, which is a common concern when the B1G (and Wisconsin in particular) plays the PAC-12 and SEC. A number of penalties called on the unit. Badger fans would say (and are saying) that some of them were pretty ticky tack. I'm sure you'd disagree, but on ones where everyone would agree there was a penalty (on Sojourn Shelton early in the game for example) I felt like they were intelligent penalties that sometimes you get stuck taking in order to stop a score. Otherwise I felt the DBs played very well and I certainly have more confidence in their ability to play through the B1G schedule.

With one exception I can think of, the staff and fans here at House of Sparky have been a great bunch to hash out the game with. It's nice to have some back-and-forth with someone besides the same old B1G writers/commentors we're used to dealing with the rest of the season, and it's pretty hard to find a UMass or Tenn Tech fan anywhere on sbnation, so this was our first taste of other fans this year.

I'll do my best not to hold my feelings about PAC-12 officials against you guys or the ASU team, so good luck through the rest of your schedule. Do us a favor and win a bunch so our loss looks better to the pollsters at the end of the year and gives us a better chance of sneaking into a BCS at large bid if we don't make the Rose Bowl. Hell, maybe we can stage a rematch on January 1st in Pasadena. How epic would that be?

Best of luck going forward.

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