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Does The Danny Sullivan Era Begin Today?

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With the news that USC QB Mark Sanchez is starting against ASU today, we look towards the ASU sideline for news on our quarterback situation. As of yesterday, there was still conjecture that led to both sides of the coin. One writer thinks that Rudy will "strong-arm" Coach Erickson into starting him.

Sullivan and Szakacsy aren't the only ones eyeing Carpenter's job for next season. There's an intriguing mix in the wings.

It starts with Jack Elway, the 6-3 son of a former NFL legend who is trying to create his own legacy. He didn't capture much attention until his senior year at Cherry Creek (Colo.) High, where scouts began to appreciate his strong arm. He chose ASU because he connected so well with the coaching staff.

Also in the mix is 6-foot-8 Montana product Brock Osweiler, who is expected to arrive at ASU in the spring and turned down an opportunity to play basketball at Gonzaga. So, too, is Chasen Stangel, a redshirt freshman from San Jacinto, Calif.

Knowing the gritty Carpenter, he'll strong-arm Erickson into playing despite a sprained left ankle, and we'll never see any of this group today. It shouldn't stop us from wondering who will have the starring role in Life After Rudy.

With the game in an hour and a half, we still don't have the final word. Erickson is most likely keeping this close to his chest in order to protect Sullivan, and force Pete Carroll to prepare for both Carp and Sully.

Of course, Danny can't really move out of the pocket. Erickson could rationalize that since Rudy can't either with a bum ankle, might as well have the 4-year starter in than a green backup. So, lets see what 12:30 PM Pacific time on ABC regional brings.