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Analyzing the Stats: Halfway Point of the Football Season

Since we have now finished 6 games, and have 6 more to go, lets take a look at some of the players on the team and see how they have performed halfway through the season, and whether or not they have been living up to expectations.

QB Rudy Carpenter - 116/178 65.2% CMP, 1,474 Yards, 8 TD 5 INT, 143.9 RAT
Eh. That about sums up Rudy's season so far. 2 Extremely solid games to open the season (NAU, Stanford), 1 good game (UNLV) 1 average-ish game (Georgia) and then 2 terrible games (cal, USC) leaves Rudy at eh. He is on pace for 2,948 yards (his second highest total after last season) 16 tds (career low) and 10 int. His rating stands a few points below last years, thanks to a fairly high completion percentage. He really just needs to make more plays. He had such a tough time making the appropriate reads the past two games, Rudy desperately needs to have a good game at home against Oregon. He is not the only problem with the season so far, but he is definitely a major one.  Holding the ball far too long behind this inexperienced line, making terrible decisions, and making a lot of bad throws - Rudy needs to play better. That is all you can really say.

RB - Dimitri Nance, 84 carries, 312 yards, 3.7 YPC, 3 TD, 15 rec, 86 yards
RB - Keegan Herring 34 carries, 131 yards, 3.9 YPC, 2 TD
RB -  Shaun DeWitty 22 carries, 63 yards, 2.9 YPC, 6 rec, 42 yards
RB - Ryan Bass 8 carries, 30 yards, 3.8 YPC
RB - Jarrell Woods 5 carries, 18 yards 3.8 YPC

That covers the RBs who have gotten time so far this year.  Nance has really been mediocre. He had decent games against Stanford, UNLV and USC, but really really has been disappointing. He is NOT a power back. He just isn't. He cannot convert short yardage, he cannot move the pile, he is not strong, and he is really not very explosive either.  He just is not a very good college running back. Herring can't get on the damn field.  He has only played in 3 games, and was solid against Stanford and USC, but just needs to get on the FIELD. If he was not so fragile, he could help big time, and he is no where near going to match his 815 yard season of 2007.  He is a playmaker, and his absence has really hurt the team. Shaun DeWitty is garbage. Can't move the chains at all. So is Woods. Ryan Bass is interesting - i wish he would get some more touches. One of our top recruits from 2008, he rushed 5 times for 22 yards against USC, and is onyl 18 years old. We should be getting this guy some more PT since the season is down the toliet already.

WR - MIchael Jones, 30 rec, 427 Yards, 14.2 avg, 1 TD
WR - Kerry Taylor, 16 rec, 275 yards, 17.2 avg, 2 TD
WR - Chris McGaha 19 rec, 265 yards, 13.9 rec, 1 TD
WR - Kyle Williams, 14 rec, 252 yards, 18 avg, 2 TD
TE - Andrew Pettes, 8 rec, 51 yards, 6.4 avg, 1 TD

The rest of the receivers have less than 50 yards, so it is not worth mentioning.  Our top 4 receivers all have at least 1 td, 14 receptions and 250 yards. Solid. Our TES are pretty much junk and dump off options at this point when they are not blocking, so we will focus on the WRs. Kyle Williams has been extremely solid out of the slot this year.  The kid is an athlete and should easily surpass his totals from last year (29 rec, 360 yards) He had a monster game against unlv (3 rec, 115 yards, 1 TD) and has strung together a few solid performances aside from that.  He will continue to get looks and has probed a very viable option. McGaha has not been nearly as productive as he was last year, struggling against top corners, and catching only one pass against USC and UNLV.  He is going to fall way short of his numbers from 2007 (61 rec, 830 yards) but has very sure hands, and Carpenter trusts him.  He is only a junior too, so this down year will be something to build on. He needs to work on his routes. Kerry Taylor has been fantastic, although nearly all of his production came in the first two weeks.  He did not play against USC and caught only 1 pass for 4 yards against Cal.  When he returns he should find some looks, and his speed will help.  He is just a sophomore, so this production has been great to see out of him. Michael Jones just sucks.  His numbers look nice as they put him on pace for 60 rec and 854 yards, but he racked up 162 of those against NAU and really has struggled since.  He dropped countless passes against cal and usc and was getting shoved around by tons of smaller defenders.  The guy is a wuss, and despite being a 22 year old senior, 6'4 and 205 pounds, he really does not want to fight for any balls.  If he is not wide open, or being hit in stride, dont count on him catching the ball. He also seems to refuse to run across the middle. Forget this guy, lets get Gerrell Robinson some work please, he could have had a TD against USC if he had any hands.

K - Thomas Weber, 13/13 XP, 8/12 FG, 5/6 20-29, 2/3 30-39, 1/3 40-49
Weber, what happened? Groza winner my ass. You lucked out last year and just won the award since you never missed.  The walk ons true talent is shining through this year, especially in that despicable performance against USC. Another falling off from last year.

Notable defenders
LB Mike Nixon 30 tackles, 3 tackle for loss, 1 sack, 2 INT, 3 defended passes
Nixon has been extremely solid all season and has been solid in coverage and solid against the run.  The guy is old (26) since he was a high draft pick of the Dodgers, but he has been able to turn his experience into production.  Not the most gifted of football athletes, the guy none the less belongs on the field. Good work Nixon.

FS - Troy Nolan, 20 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, 2 INT, 1 pass defended
Nolan has not been fantastic, but with 2 INTs and some solid coverages Nolan has anchored a sometimes shaky secondary. He also can sure lay the lumber.

DE/LB - Dexter Davis, 9 tackles, 7 tackle for loss, 5 sacks, 1 pass defended, 1 FF
Davis has been a beast again this year with 5 sacks out of the teams total of 8. He has come off the edge untouched countless times, and forced a double team against USC nearly the whole game.  The guy will get drafted, he will be perfect in a 3-4 defense. Love him.

CB Omar Bolden, 18 tackles, 1 INT, 3 pass defended
Bolden had a rough time to start the year, but the super soph came back strong with a huge game against USC.  Covering some of the best WR the pac-10 has to offer, Bolden played fantastic man coverage and made some great plays on the ball.  The kid is an athlete and he will be fun to watch as the season progresses.

Team stats
PPG - 19.2  --- WEAK. This offense has been horribly coached, and horribly executed.
Rushing - 502 yards, 2.8 per rush, 83.7 per game, 5 TD - The run game has sucked. If herring could play it would be better, but this O-line and Nance combo doesnt work.
Passing - 1501 yards, 8 td, 7 int, 250 pe game. - Very average pass offense, and very below average if you take out weeks one and two against the slop.
3rd down % - 21/77 27% - terrible. the opposition is 10% higher than us. we suck at third down.
Penalties, averaging 58 yards pergame - unacceptable.
Red Zone - 79% score rate, 42% td rate (opposing teams is 88% and 54% respectively)

Hmm. The defense has been a solid so far this season and the offense has been HORRIBLE. With a bye this week, if the Erickson crew cannot win this week - it is time to start figuring out what is going on with this coaching staff.