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Taking a Peek at the Oregon Ducks

Oregon is a solid football team. At 5-2 with a 3-1 Pac-10 record, the Ducks are no slouch, and ASU cannot go into this home game with the same, soft mentality they approached the Cal game with. Our defense needs to come out like they did against USC, and we better hope our offense made some massive leaps over the by week.

Oregon's two losses came against USC (worse loss than ours actually - good news?) and Boise State (Oregon made a comeback bid, and even burned a redshirt on one of their freshman QBs to do it, but it was all for naught) while blowing out Washington at home, blowing out Utah State at home, edging UCLA at home, and beating Purdue on the road (good win).

Clearly Oregon seems to be the candidate for runner-up in the Pac-10, so this would be a huge building block for the rest of the season for ASU. First thing in our ASU vs Oregon preview will be to take a look at some of Oregon's top players at each position.