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Peeking at the Ducks: Part Deux

Here we go with our look at Oregon's WR/TE and Defense.

WR - It is clear who the Ducks favor and what sort of formations they run when you look at their top reception leaders. 3 WR and 1 TE. That about sums up what sort of personnel you will see on the field Saturday. Terence Scott, Jaison Williams, Jeff Maehl, and Ed Dickson round out the top targets for the Ducks.

Terence Scott - 24 REC, 323 YDS, 13.5 YPR, 2 TD, 1 CAR, 51 YDS, 1 TD

The 5'11 senior started off the season on a tear. However, since the first game against Washington, he has not had more than 5 receptions or 48 yards in a game. He also has not scored a TD since week 2. This could be due to the instability at QB, but he really has not been targeted that much by Masoli. Expect 3-4 catches for 40ish yards, but if our corners allow him to get open, it will be a surprise. Our one big strength is our pass defense.

Jaison Williams - 24 REC, 319 YDS, 13.3 YPR, 3 TD

Another senior WR, the 6'5 240 LBS (wow) Williams is a pretty imposing athlete. Now in his third year starting, and fourth year playing (as opposed to Scott who is really getting his first chance on the field this year) Williams has a history against us. In 2006 Williams went for 10 catches for 137 yards and 2 TDs, as Oregon blew us out. Last year, Williams also had a big game with 5 catches for 106 yards and 2 TDs. If that is going to change this year, we need to make sure we jam him a bit at the line - if Williams is going to get into space it will be hard to stop him due to his size. And size Omar Bolden (pictured, getting beat) will probably be covering him again, it will be important he has help over the top from Nolan.

TE Ed Dickson - 23 REC, 310 YDS, 13.5 YPR, 2 TD, 3 CAR, 18 YDS

TE is usually your big boy receiver, but Dickson actually clocks in at almost the exact same size as Williams. Haha. And that is not a dig against Dickson. Dickson, coming off a solid sophomore campaign, has only played in 4 out of the 7 games this season, and has had a big game every time. Averaging about 6 catches and 78 yards a game, Dickson has been a beast this year. If he plays it will be a good matchup to watch him against our LBs.

Jeff Maehl - 23 REC, 227 YDS, 9.9 YPR, 2 TD, 4 CAR, 31 YDS

The slot receiver for the Ducks, Maehl, a sophomore, has been less effective over the past few weeks than he was initially. He is someone to watch, but with the greater emphasis on the running game, it is unlikely he will see the field much against us, or be targeted much.


Nick Reed DE - 29 TACK, 11.5 TFL, 8 SACKS (!)


The senior has been having a huge year, with 8 sacks and has had tons of success against us. A big time playmaker, it will be a crucial matchup of our tackle against Reed. If we start getting beat, its important we leave a TE in to at least put a body on Reed to slow him down. Frankly, this is the defensive player I am most worried about, since the image above is no stranger to ASU fans. Very much in the Patrick Kerney mold, expect Reed to be a

Will Tukuafu DE - 34 TACK, 11.5 TFL, 6 Sacks

The 24 year old sophomore out of Scottsdale CC is an impressive edge rusher with strength, and the combo of Tuakufu and Reed spell trouble for our anemic passing game. There really is not much to say other than these two's combined 14 sacks could increase by quite a bit by the end of this contest.

Jairus Byrd CB - 45 TACK, 3 INT, 12 PD, 9 Break ups, 1 FF, 1 FR

Your everyday ballhawking corner with some attitude, Byrd is an excellent man to man corner, and was a pre-season All-American. The guy can flat out play and do not be surprised to see him pick off a pass or to simple dominate Michael Jones.

T.J. Ward S/LB "Rover" - 50 Tack, 4.5 TFL, 1 Sack, 1 Int, 6 PD

Ward does a little bit of everything. Listed on the Oregon site as a "rover", Ward can play zone coverage, man up against the slot, play the run, and even rush the passer. The guy is a solid athlete and leads the team in tackles for a reason.