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Oregon Ducks vs. Arizona State Sun Devils: At Least The Phillies Are In The World Series

I had the joy of getting press access to the game tonight, so I was able to see some new angles on the action.

During pregame warmups, I was down behind the endzone watching our team warm up. I noticed their fresh new digs, wearing all maroon. You wouldn't be able to see this if you weren't at the game, which is good, because they were horrible, all maroon or not.

The Ducks looked focused, mature and ready to take care of business against a bad team. And boy, did they ever.

I took my rightful spot in the student section when the game started up, sober and critical of the terrible performances turned in by our team.

The student section rolled over and died around 5 minutes left in the first quarter; considering our team called in the season 3 weeks ago, this is not anything to be upset about. We cannot continue to support a team that shows no interest in winning, or even turning in a performance we can feel good about as fans and peers of the athletes.

My brother came out for this game, and I was a little embarrassed about how bad everything turned out. The OL played poorly, Rudy didn't get rid of the ball fast enough most times, and Thomas Weber just plain can't kick anymore. Honestly, what happened to him? It's truly heartbreaking how he could fall so far, so fast.

As for the Ducks, Masoli looks great, his play action fakes are very authentic and our defense bit on them all night. Tip of the cap to a superior team.

As for the Sun Devils, they are now 2-5. This is the point of the season where you take stock and cut your losses, giving Samson Szakacsy or Danny Sullivan the starts from here on out; also, lets see some Bass and Robinson on offense, and more exciting play calls. Playing vanilla does NOT work, Rich Olson.

Speaking of him.. I think he should be fired after the season.