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Oregon Running Game Tramples Sun Devil Defensive Unit

Lets focus on the game a little more.

This week, we learned that Oregon was planning on running the ball down our throats with their speedy QB Masoli and the RB tandem of Blount and Johnson. That is exactly what happened last night on a cool evening in Tempe.

Blount and Johnson both gained a net 58 rushing yards, while Masoli trampled the D for 85 net rushing yards. Combined, the three players scored five touchdowns. Their ability to run the ball despite us knowing their intentions is either a) an indication of the greatness of Oregon football or b) inadequacy in our coaching ranks.

The good news is that our secondary is respected and Oregon did not have a ton of success throwing the ball. You know why, though? Because they did not have to. Swing passes and play action fakes were the name of the game, and the Duck offense executed in ways ASU could never imagine doing.

From my vantage point, play actions were extremely well executed. Masoli truly has a talent for play actions, and just when you think he's cornered, it turns out that the running back has the ball.... 15 yards down the field. Likewise, when it looks like he handed the ball off, it was actually a QB keep, and his ability to throw downfield really limits a defense's ability to spy on him risking an open pocket downfield.

I don't want to go slapping Oregon on the back too much, however. I feel like the Sun Devil offense was as inept as ever, and they only scored the first touchdown because of a great effort by Morris Wooten to get the ball to the one-yard line on a spirited interception.

I already berated the offense enough last night, though. We all know we're failing miserably. One can only hope that recruitment isn't being hurt by these poor showings. At least it wasn't on TV... But I know that there was a presence of potential recruits watching this game, and they could not have been even the least bit impressed.

Other notes: Trevor Hankins started the game as our Punter, but was replaced after 3 punts that averaged 37.3 yards, his longest being 53. Thomas Weber, on the other hand, also punted 3 times, but for 31.7 yards/punt, his best 37 yards. Someone needs to send Weber to a day spa.