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Newspaper Roundup: Beaver Edition

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I've got some links for y'all.

Sorry everyone, no Playboys to be found; apparently, they don't discuss the Beavers very much these days.

Kyle Williams will not be playing... crap.

Oregon State is in position to go to the Rose Bowl:

Oregon State: Just 4-3 overall after opening with a 36-28 loss to Stanford and a 45-14 loss to Penn State, the Beavers are improving as the season goes along - again. If Oregon State finishes tied with USC for first, the Beavers will go to the Rose Bowl.

OSU's homecoming "takes on double meaning."

An Oregon paper documents our struggles from the other side's standpoint.

Jacquizz wants to lead the PAC-10 in rushing.

Oregon State is quite worried about Dexter Davis.

Rudy isn't getting the protection he needs, and the results are clear...

That's all for now.