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Arizona State Football Links: Invading The Coliseum

Dan Zeiger tells us that Rudy is 'very doubtful' to play, likely meaning Danny Sullivan will be making his first career start. Also, look for Ryan Bass, our #1 recruit for this year, to get some carries in the Coliseum.

USC LB Rey Maualuga will suit up for the game, really hurting our chances. As for QB Mark Sanchez...

"He threw the ball really well today and he took a third of our team plays, and that's a really good sign," said [Coach Pete] Carroll.

Sanchez remarked after practice that he was "doing great." He was fortunate, as his father, Nick, explained that he was wearing a knee brace when he went down awkwardly. X-rays and an MRI exam had revealed no ligament damage.

Want to learn more about new commit QB Brock Osweiler? Here is the article to do it with. He passed up a promising college basketball scholarship to Gonzaga to play here, so we can expect big things from the 6'8" monster from Missoula.

Last spring Osweiler's choices were whittled down to firm offers from three schools, Washington State, Arizona State and Stanford - Colorado State and the Montana schools offered too, but weren't in the running - when he chose ASU on the last day of April. He announced his pick the next day, though partial offers from schools like Alabama, Florida State and UCLA still loomed.

“I didn't want to mess with that whole game anymore,” said Osweiler, of why he chose ASU when he did. “I had three offers, I did all the pros and cons for each school and Arizona State stood out - hands down. It made the choice real easy.”

USC is now favored to win by 27.5 points...

Check back soon. We're doing a Q & A with Conquest Chronicles about Saturday's matchup which should be completed soon.