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BCS Bowl Projections

In the runup to the BCS Bowl season, there have been many recent victims (Penn State, Texas) that have fallen out of the top spots and into the mix for a lesser BCS bowl. In the spirit of the unexpected nature of college football, I have decided to project our BCS Bowls for January 2009.

Bowl Game Participants Winner
Orange Bowl North Carolina Tar Heels vs. Cincinnati Bearcats
Rose Bowl USC Trojans vs. Penn State Nittany Lions
Fiesta Bowl Texas Longhorns  vs. Ohio State Buckeyes
Sugar Bowl Alabama Crimson Tide  vs. Boise State Broncos
BCS Championship Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. Florida Gators


It is my opinion that Utah will lose to Brigham Young in the last game of their regular season, dropping them out of the BCS picture (much to the relief of the BCS). In their place, Ohio State will ascend into the picture, playing an interesting matchup between them and Texas in Glendale.