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Men's Basketball Moves to 2-0

It might not have been a pretty win, but it was a win nonetheless.  A team's first road game of the season is never easy, and the game against the Aztecs of San Diego State proved to be no different.  The Sun Devils started out looking sluggish and lethargic while falling behind early.  As coach Sendek put it "We took a punch right between the eyes and then we took a number of body blows."  The difference in this one was that the team wasn't afraid to stand up and fight back. 

Even a virus can't stop James Harden from leading the Sun Devils to victory by netting 18 points and hitting a key three-pointer to give the Devils a lead they never looked back on.  Harden and Kuksiks combined for nearly half the Sun Devils points and Abbott contributed another 13 points.  Pendergraph struggled with fouls all game as he seemed somewhat overmatched.  The Devils need him to pick up his game in order for them to fight their way through the season.  ASU has 5 days off before they play their next game against Pepperdine(1-2) in Tempe on the 23rd @ 2:00 MT.