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BCS Bowl Projections: November 30, 2008

Okay, let me pontificate for just a moment. I feel like Texas got hosed. Just my personal opinion. You beat Oklahoma? You have the same record? You should go to the championship game. Texas Tech was destroyed by Oklahoma; Texas lost on a last second touchdown to Tech. Thus, not the same scenario.

Either way, there were a lot of shakeups in the BCS bowls projections for this week, with Oregon State losing to Oregon and Oklahoma moving to #2 in the BCS standings.

Keep in mind, the Fiesta Bowl has the first at-large selection, after all tie-in games are satisfied. ACC goes to Orange Bowl, Pac-10 and Big Ten go to the Rose Bowl, SEC goes to the Sugar Bowl, and Big XII goes to the Fiesta.

In this scenario, Texas will be the Big XII representative in Glendale. With Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma, Penn State, USC, and Boston College/Virginia Tech all locked into their respective games, that leaves very few options for the committees to choose from. These include the Big East champion Cincinnati Bearcats, the undefeated Utah Utes, and an at-large pick of their choice.

After the Fiesta Bowl picks, it is the Sugar Bowl's turn. After that, the Orange Bowl gets its pick.

Bowl Game Participants Winner
Orange Bowl Boston College Eagles vs. Utah Utes
Rose Bowl USC Trojans vs. Penn St. Nittany Lions
Fiesta Bowl Texas Longhorns vs. Boise State Broncos
Sugar Bowl Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Cincinnati Bearcats
BCS Championship Oklahoma Sooners vs. Florida Gators


Bear with me here. The Fiesta Bowl loves the Boise State Broncos, right? They have the first choice, and can take either a guaranteed team (Cincy, Utah) or go with a team like Ohio State, TCU, Ball State, or Boise State. I think they are going to extend the invitation out of the realm of normalcy, sending ripples through the BCS picture.

With only guaranteed teams remaining, the Sugar Bowl will go with the Bearcats, who are far better than the Hawaii Warriors of last season.

Lastly, Utah plays the mediocre Boston College Eagles, winning that game easily.