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Barack Obama: Champion of CFB Playoff System; Does This Hurt The Pac-10 or the Sun Devils?

On Monday Night Football, Barack Obama was interviewed by Chris Berman. One of the questions he fielded was in regards to the BCS. Obama was very adamant in his opinion that the BCS must go, and in its place there should be a playoff system.

"Get eight teams - the top eight teams right at the end. You got a playoff. Decide on a National Champion." - Barack Obama, 11/3/08

The top eight teams would be a marked difference from the current BCS system, where no conference can have more than 2 representatives in the BCS bowls, including the championship game. Last year, Missouri, despite being ranked #6 in the final BCS poll, was not selected to BCS bowl; in their place, #8 Kansas went to the Orange Bowl to play Virginia Tech.

This system would also end the classic rivalry games of the past. Rose Bowls would no longer be, for the most part, Pac-10 vs. Big 10. Some may consider this a good thing. Looking at last year, #7 USC played #13 Illinois in a non-competitive game.

Wait, did you say #13? In a BCS bowl?

Yes, it was hogwash. By selecting Illinois to play in the Rose Bowl, the Sun Devils were ousted from consideration for a BCS bowl bid. Because Hawaii was automatically in the BCS, there were no open slots left for #11 ASU.

Here is how the first round of the playoffs in 2007 would have looked, had Barack Obama been around to change the system.

1. Ohio State vs. 8. Kansas

4. Oklahoma vs. 5. Georgia

3. Virginia Tech vs. 6. Missouri

2. LSU vs. 7. USC

Does any of this appeal to you? Winner of OSU/KU would play winner of OU/UGA, and VT/Mizzou vs. LSU/USC. It excites me just to look at it. 3 Big XII teams, however. But if they are all that competitive and good, they deserve to be in the playoffs.

Who would have a gripe with this? Undefeated Hawaii, who was #10 in the BCS. As it turned out, Hawaii was a flop in the Sugar Bowl against Georgia. Do we automatically enter undefeated teams into the playoff system? The intrigue. Of course, Kansas would have been the first team to drop out.

This brings me to another issue. In 2008, we have 6 undefeated teams remaining. Ball State, Utah, and Boise State are all on the brim of BCS berths. If all three teams were to finish the season undefeated, would they all be entered into a BCS Playoff?

Would it look like this?

Alabama vs. Ball State

Texas Tech vs. Boise State

Penn State vs. Utah

Texas vs. Florida

The problem with this is very obvious. There is no representative from the Pac-10, the Big East, or the ACC. Two SEC teams, Two Big XII squads, and 3 mid-majors balanced by one entrant from the Big Ten. The playoff system has many kinks to be worked out before it is even considered as a viable option in the face of BCS criticism.

Until these issues are decided, the BCS remains the cock of the walk, unfortunately.