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Shaun DeWitty: Starting RB; Freshman OL Zach Schlink To Start At LG

Shaun DeWitty became the first Sun Devil RB to achieve a 100-yard game last weekend against Oregon State. For that, Dennis Erickson has rewarded the oft-benched player with another start. Going into the game against the Sun Devils, the Huskies have averaged giving up 243 yards a game on the ground. With these numbers, ASU will hopefully break out of their season-long slump and put up some significant running numbers, either behind DeWitty or Ryan Bass.

A second bit of news: Zach Schlink will be the new left guard. Shaun Lauvao has been moved to right tackle, replacing the ineffective Tom Njunge. The offensive line has been way too prone to false starts, stymieing Sun Devil drives in the red zone last weekend that proved to be the difference in the end result of the contest.

In the end, these moves allow for young players to get more experience against Pac-10 competition, without hurting our chances to beat the hapless Huskies. Even with a freshman LG, I still see Rudy Carpenter putting up big numbers and leading the Sun Devils to a 24 point victory tomorrow.