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2009 ASU Sun Devil Football Recruiting Analysis and Wish List

Entering into bowl season, ASU has locked up 14 total recruits - 13 prep and 1 JC transfer.

Broken down a little bit we have signed 5 defensive players, 7 offensive, and 2 athletes.

Breaking down further we have...

Two Offensive Lineman:

1 Guard - Kody Koebensky 6'4, 290, AZ, Scouts, Inc. Grade = 80, #11 OG
1 Tackle - Fred Thornton 6'4, 290, AZ, Scouts, Inc. Grade = 74, #110 OT

Analysis: Decent, but could definitely use some more depth. Wouldn't be surprised to see both these kids starting next season.

Two Tight Ends:

Chris Coyle 6'3, 235, CA, Scouts, Inc. Grade = 78, #23 TE
Max Smith 6'2, 244, AZ, Scouts, Inc. Grade = 75, #66 TE

Analysis: Two solid pickups. We already have youth at TE and these two should make the position even more interesting. Coyle looks like he could be a threat in the passing game, and both guys seem willing to block.  And while they are a little short, I bet they will find ways to be productive. Solid signings.

Two Cornerbacks:

Osahon Irabor 5'11, 182, CA, Scouts, Inc. Grade = 78, #21 CB
LeQuan Lewis 5'10, 190, CA, Scouts, Inc. Grade = N/A JC Transfer

Analysis: Irabor looks like he could turn into a total stud. Guy has 4.3 speed, great quickness, and decent size. Fluid in and out of his breaks, the kid flashed solid ball skills on the game film.  His technique needs some work - but the kid is going to be 18 to begin the season. Don't know a lot about Lewis - but depth is always needed. Both of these guys look to add to our already impressive secondary. I am getting excited about this defense for next season.

Two Linebackers:

OLB, Anthony Rose 6'1, 190, AZ, Scouts, Inc. Grade = 77, #48 OLB
OLB, Anthony Jones 6'1, 200, AZ, Scouts, Inc. Grade = 76, #69 OLB

Analysis: Would love to eventually see a 75 or better MLB added to this list, but these two guys could end up being special. Both of these kids were ranked very highly on their athleticism, football skills, and motors - but they have been knocked due to their size.  Earning over a 75 despite being a linebacker weighing 190-200 pounds is impressive. Redshirt these kids, watch them tack on 20-30 pounds, and then watch as they become stud sophomores. I like these signings, but don't expect much - if any - impact in 2009

Two Athletes:

Matt Tucker 6'3, 185, CO, Scouts, Inc. Grade = 77, #69 ATH
Shane McCullen 6'2, 193, AZ, Scouts, Inc. Grade = 73, #150 ATH

Analysis: Tucker will be interesting. Kid played in a Wildcat type offense in HS and played the QB/Athlete behind center, lined up at WR, and also played a lot of a safety/linebacker hybrid position on defense. He has big playmaking ability and some great hands - but is extremely raw at all positions. Scouts aren't really sure where he will play - but my money is on safety. McCullen - according to Scouts should play at 220 - will probably either end up as a RB or a safety. Both of these kids are raw, but have tons of speed and ability and it is always fun to recruit these types of guys because they are the true boom or bust type players - they can pan out and become studs, or just become marginal special teams guys if the football side of it never clicks with them.

1 Defensive Lineman:

DT, William Sutton 6'0, 248, CA, Scouts, Inc. Grade = 75, #66 DT

Analysis: Really want to see another DT or a DE added to this list by the end, but Sutton looks like a solid sign. My first thought was, hmm, only 248? But scouts note that he is a BIG 250, and will be able to add some bulk. A player perhaps in the Brandon Mebane mold, look forward to seeing how he does against some of the weaker running pac-10 teams in the league because I expect him to see the field in 2009. He will have a good player to team with in Guy.

2 Running Backs:

Jamal Miles 5'10, 175, AZ, Scouts, Inc. Grade = 74, #127 RB
Marcus Washington 6'1, 190, AZ, Scouts, Inc. Grade = 73, #152 RB

Analysis: Nice to see some extra depth at RB - and nice two see such different guys. These two really are exact opposites of each other. Miles has supreme speed (4.3 40) and quickness.  He lacks some durability and doesn't hit the hole very hard.  Washington is a slasher, hits the hole hard, and is a beast - will probably play at 210 or 220. He only has average speed though. Interesting guys. Doubt either will play much next year, though.

1 Quarterback:

Brock Osweiler 6'8, 230, MT, Scouts, Inc. Grade = 74, #74 QB

Analysis: When he signed and was scouted he was 6'6, now he is a legit 6'8. The kid is a beast - not mobile, solid feet and vision (hes huge), but has a lower grade because he has shown more of a touch passer's skills and hasn't unleashed many deep balls even though people believe he can. Scouts think he will end up as a basketball player - could he play both for ASU? He is ranked as the #96 basketball prospect - a top 100 ESPN player - much higher than his football ranking. Interesting,  he will see the football field next year, but maybe he will see the basketball court?

Wish List:

A top level talent (80+) at a skil position.
A WR or two.
More OL/DL.

What do you guys want to see? This class is quite deep so far with a ton of college level talent (low 70s grade out to being solid college regulars, to upper 70s who can be all conference type potential). So far so good.

EDIT: For reference, here is a look at the classes since 2006.

2006 - 25 committs (15 prep, 10 JC ) - Koetter
Prep Highlights:
DE Jermaine Williams, Grade 80 (No longer on roster, failed academically, JUCO)
S Ryan McFoy, Grade 78 (Solid role player, special teamer)
RB Rodney Glass, Grade 77 (No longer on roster, JUCO, failed academically)
ILB Travis Goethel, Grade 77 (Starting LB, 72 tackles, 8 TFL, 2 INT in 2008)
ILB Jamarr Robinson, Grade 77 (Redshirted, special teamer in 2008)
RB Dmitri Nance, Grade 74 (410 yards rushing, 3.9 average, 3 TD 2008)
ILB Gerald Munns, Grade 72 (When healthy was effective in 2008)
WR Kyle Williams, Grade 70 (364 yards receiving, 4 TD, 868 punt/kr yards)

JC Highlights:
S Troy Nolan (64 tackles, 4 INT in 2008, stud in the secondary)
RB Ryan Torain (Pimp 5th rounder for Broncos)
CB Justin Tryon (On the Redskins, 4th rounder)

2007 - 24 committs (18 prep, 6 JC) - Koetter/Erickson (He got most of the talent)
Prep Highlights:
OG Po'u Palelei, Grade 78 (Not on 2008 roster, JUCO bound failed to qualify)
C Garth Gerhart, Grade 77 (Started 2008 as Pollak's replacement - solid as RS-F)
OLB Oliver Aaron, Grade 77 (Part timer in 2008, 8 tackles, 1 TFL)
WR T.J. Simpson, Grade 76 (12 yards and 1 TD in 2008, should play more in '09)
QB Samson Szakacsy, Grade 76 (2008 3rd stringer - chance to start in '09)
DT Jonathan English, Grade 76 (Part timer in 2008, very effective. 12 T, 4 TFL)
OG Adam Tello, Grade 75 (RS-F, forced to play some in 08, he was ok)
WR Kerry Taylor, Grade 75 (405 yards receiving, 4 TD)
QB Chasen Stangel, Grade 73 (Will compete in 2009)
CB Omar Bolden, Not graded, Rivals said he was a 4 star (total stud, 49 T, 2 INT)

Notable JC:
DE Morris Wooten (Starting MLB in 2008, 72 T, 7 TFL, 2 sacks, 1 INT, very solid)
DE Luis Vasquez (Played a lot at DE, 35 T, 11 TFL, 4 sacks - he was ok)
RB Jarrell Woods (19 yards rushing in 2008)

2008 - 28 committs (1 top #150, 22 prep, 6 JC) - Ranked #15 Nationally by ESPN
Prep Highlights: (Note: Any play time they received was as a true freshman, obv.)
ATH Gerrell Robinson, Grade 81 (Converted to WR, 26 yards receiving. Big '09)
RB Ryan Bass, Grade 80 (120 yards rushing, 4.6 average. Big '09)
DE Jamaar Jarrett, Grade 80 (9 T, 2 TFL, 1 Sack - will start over Vasquez in '09)
ATH Jarrell Barbour, Grade 79 (Failed to qualify academically, JUCO bound, boo )
OG Zach Schlink, Grade 78 (Will be solid in 09)
OG Andrew Sampson, Grade 78 (Got good exp in '08, again, look for '09)
WR Kemonte Bateman, Grade 78 (Think he failed to qualify, ugh)
OT Kyle Johnson, Grade 78 (another good OL prospect)
WR A.J. Pickens, Grade 77 (Didn't see field really in 08, look for in '09)
QB Jack Elway, Grade 75 (Intriguing ;) )

I could go on and on - this class was probably the best that ASU has ever signed. Such depth, great talent at the top - there is a reason we were ranked for our recruiting class for one of the first times in recent memory.