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Siyanora Rudy, It has been a long ride

I remember the good times and the bad, the ups and downs, the excitement and disappointment, the smack  talk and hissy fits.  I remember thinking that Rudy would rather be wearing this jersey, and I also remember Rudy Carpenter in the fetal position time and time again.  I remember my first memory of Rudy Carpenter.  In an un-televised game against Stanford, with ASU down big.  Rudy came in and brought us within a touchdown or two from a win.  From that point on, it was Rudy's time.  The spotlight was on him, and for the following 3 years, that is where it remained.  Rudy put in a superb freshman year and earned the title as the most efficient QB in the nation.  Since that point, he has been anything but efficient.

We all know the drama of the following summer, so I'll save you the pain.  I cringe with every mention of Sam Kkee (Can't say it) throughout TV broadcasts.  It is almost as if S** K***** was the monkey on Rudy's back, which he was unable to shake.  You would think it wouldn't be difficult to get rid of the damn monkey, considering how many times it should have been squashed as Rudy layed helpless on his back.  Nonetheless, unsuccessful. After an abysmal sophomore year which apparently I have blocked out of my mind, Rudy returned as the QB we expected. 

With an easy schedule, a new coach, and a talented core of skilled players, Rudy brought us to an 8-0 record.  On top of the world, albeit short lived.  A crushing loss to USC on  Thanksgiving day, a prime time game, brought back memories of Keller vs. USC and the Katrina game.  A Disappointment. Sure a 10-3 season looks fantastic on paper, but the brutal defeat from Texas left a black eye on the season.

What follows a 10-3 season? Hopes, dreams, and aspirations.  A pre-season ranking, expectations, and responsibility of QB1 to perform.  I could reminisce about what we've all experienced over the previous 5 long months.  I choose not to.  It is over and done with.  Something to forget, and nothing to remember.

2008 ASU football. Overrated. Underperformed. Chaotic. A Memory.

What will the legacy of Rudy Carpenter be?  Read the line about the 2008 ASU football team.

Here's to looking forward to 2009, perhaps an Olsen-less, Szakacsy led team.  GO DEVILS!

And don't forget...we can always brag about ASU girls.