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My Trek To Tucson: A Sun Devil Photo Essay

Losing to UA 31-10 was incredibly disappointing. I was at least able to go see the game in person, from a fantastic vantage point: the field. Being on the sideline during a game is an unmatched experience that I am still relishing.

You will have to excuse the camera, it is just a digital that I have had for a few years now.


After entering the stadium, I took some pregame warmup pictures of the Sun Devils.



Continue reading for more pictures and some game thoughts.

The excitement of the situation built up quite nicely, and the game was primed for greatness.

Intro Video

As you can see from this horrible quality video, I was down on the field for the introductions... Great experience. Too bad it was in Tucson.


In this picture, I was situated on the 20 yard line of the ASU bench. You could not pick a better angle to view the game.. A whole new way to watch.




This is a view of the UA campus from the press box balcony. We let this town beat us in football... by 21?!?!



Losing was a huge disappointment, but we knew going in that our team wasn't offensively sound this season. Hopefully the team is revived in 2009, although a visit to Georgia will not help our squad in any way. I am looking at 2009 to be a long season.