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The Past, Present and Future

Hello Sun Devil fans! My name is C.W. and I am a senior at Arizona State University.

The Arizona State University football team has played a large role in my college experience. When times were good, I rode the crest of victory from one Saturday to another, with dreams of a BCS berth and bragging rights amongst my friends. But when times were bad, the weeks slowed to a crawl and left me dismayed with the inevitable losses that piled up.

As a freshman, I witnessed firsthand the passionate efforts to help with Katrina relief, and felt my heart break for the first time over a college football game.

I will never forget how badly I wanted to beat LSU, but I knew deep down that America was pulling for the victims of Katrina to have something to feel good about. Who could blame them? Those special teams mishaps don't just happen every day.

A few short weeks later, I got the joy of watching Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush trample the Sun Devil defense in 100-degree heat. This left me exasperated, not to mention thirsty. My only souvenir from that loss was a severe burn on my nose that was illuminated with a purplish hue.

The 2007 season, however, was a turning point in the football program. When our record pulled to 8-0 after the big victory over California, I stormed the field for the first time. The vantage point gave me perspective, and I finally saw what the players see when they look up at the stands: the support of the students, and the joy of victory.

The campus seemed alive with anticipation for the next game at Oregon, and the school itself was lifted by the enormous potential in front of us. While it didn't pan out the way we dreamed, I can't help but reflect upon that time as a moment where our university was united, and I was proud to be a Sun Devil.

This coming year holds great promise, with Dennis Erickson back to lead our team against our greatest challenge: Georgia. In the coming weeks, there will be a lot of coverage on the NAU, Stanford, and UNLV games, but I can't help but look ahead at UGA eagerly. After seeing what they did to Hawai'i in the Sugar Bowl, it is apparent that we have a monumental test ahead of us. Lest we forget, we also play USC in Los Angeles, making our 2008 season an extremely challenging one.

I also must mention the Men's Basketball team. Herb Sendek will have this team ready to play, with James Harden and Jeff Pendergraph leading the charge against an inexperienced Pac-10. This winter in the desert may lead us to March Madness once again.

Our unique perspective here at House of Sparky as students and fans gives us the opportunity to get as close as possible to the action, and we are more than happy to share the access with you. We hope you enjoy House of Sparky!