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Injuries Plaguing Offensive Line

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It seems as though Garth Gerhart has gone down with an ankle injury, and will be out for a few days to help it heal.

This couldn't come at a worse time for Gerhart, as Thomas Altieri returned to the field from his concussion on Friday (just in time to play in the Tontozona road exhibition).

Altieri might have the opportunity to lock down the starting center job in the next few days if he shows strong performances in practice.

Another offensive lineman, Matt Hustad, has been injured and is standing on the sidelines with a knee injury. With the lack of depth on the OL in the first place, these injuries put further stress on the skill positions.

In other Sun Devil news, Samson Szakacsy has been named the third string QB, beating out Chasen Stangel (last year's scout team QB). Szakacsy was injured last season, and did not have an opportunity to show off his promise. Both Szakacsy and Stangel are redshirt freshmen. Danny Sullivan is still the backup QB.

As for the slot receiver battle between Kerry Taylor and Kyle Williams, the role is still up for grabs. Whoever wins the role will have a fantastic spot in the offense, with the other still being active in 4-wide sets.

Williams said he's looking forward to playing alongside Taylor this season.

"It's going to be me and Kerry on the inside (receiving positions) most likely," Williams said. "When we go to single sets, it will be me or Kerry. Depending on who is tired, I might come in and play for Chris (McGaha) or for Mike. Same with Kerry.

"We've got a hell of a rotation, we really do."

Hopefully the line can stay healthy long enough to give our wideouts the chance to break free this year.