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Sun Devils in the Minors

Lets check back in a month later with some of the Sun Devils who were drafted this June and see how they are doing.

1. Brett Wallace - 3B/DH Class A Quad Cities River Bandits (STL)
.327 avg / .418 OBP / .490 SLG / .908 OPS
5 HR, 25 RBI 17/32 BB/K

After an extremely hot July (.994 OPS) Wallace has regressed in August (.781 OPS) whether from pitchers adapting or from fatigue, Wallace has seen his K% increase and his BB% decrease. He should finish the year out in A ball, and start the 2009 season either in A+ or AA ball. I doubt he will stick at 3B in the minors either, because of his frame, but we will see how he does as he progresses through the Cardinals system.

2. Ike Davis - 1B Class A- Brooklyn Cyclones (NYM)
.235 AVG / .302 OBP / .307 SLG / .609 SLG
0 HR, 11 RBI, 15/31 BB/K

Davis has struggled mightily in his first summer in pro ball.  After some considered him a reach at 17th overall in the first round, Davis has a lot of weight on his shoulders. His bat will need to heat up considerably if it is to play well at first base, and the 11 XB hits (all doubles) in nearly 200 ABs at low A ball is disconcerting. He has had absolutely no power since June, but should grow more comfortable with an extended look at A ball in 2009.

3. Petey Paramore - C Class A Kane County Cougars (A's)
.185 AVG / .361 OBP / .292 SLG / .654 OPS
1 HR, 12 RBI, 17/21 BB/K

After dominating the rookie league to the tune of a 1.017 OPS, Paramore has struggled to adapt to Midwest League pitching.  A long year behind the plate after the season with the Sun Devils, Paramore can be forgiven his slow start and will just look to build upon what he has learned for the 2009 season.

4. Kiel Roling - 1B/DH Rookie Casper Ghosts (COL)
.344 AVG / .417 OBP / .641 SLG/ 1.057 OPS
4 HR, 17 RBI, 8/11 BB/K

Roling has been absolutely mashing the ball in the past few weeks and should earn a promotion before the end of the season.  If not, expect the slugger to at least jump to A or high A ball to start 2009.  His is a bat that should be pushed.

5. Stephen Sauer - Middle Reliever RHP Rookie Great Falls Voyagers (CWS)
G 19, 3W-2L, 29.0 IP, ERA 3.41, 27/7 K/BB

Sauer has been nearly unhittable in the month of August, but he should be since he is 22 and is playing against kids ranging from 17 to his age.  He should get a look at a higher level, A-, and spend 2009 in A ball. Sauer has been dominating right handers (16k vs 1 BB, 2.55 ERA, .185 avg) and has been decent, but prone to walking lefties. (4.55 ERA, 11k verses 6 BB, .165 average).

6. Reyes Dorado - Middle Reliever (?) RHP Rookie Orem Owlz (ew) (LAA)
14 G, 1GS, 19.1 IP, 1W-0L, 6.98 ERA, 25/9 K/BB, 3 SV

The Angels are not quite sure what to do with Dorado.  Getting simply tagged in Rookie ball, Dorado has been a starter (owned) middle reliever (ok) and closer (eh). Dorado should be a tad worried that he is getting touched so much in Rookie ball, lets see where the 14th round pick goes from here.

7. Marcel Champagnie - LF, Rookie Orem Owlz (LAA)
.250 AVG / .308OBP / .250 SLG / .558 OPS
0 HR, 1RBI, 1BB/1K

A late sign, Champagnie has only played in 5 games for the Owlz (extreme!! z!!) and so we do not have a lot to go on. We will keep an eye on him

That covers the first 15 rounds of the 2008 draft, we will continue with the rest later this week.