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Tempe Top Ten (Sun Devil Guide to Gameday): Number Ten

Tempe is a unique college town. While ASU is the main focal point of the town, the college atmosphere extends miles away from campus.

This vibe is evident on Mill Avenue, in the annals of Tempe Marketplace, and in the never-ending array of strip malls that cater to every taste, be it food or style.

It didn't take me long to fall in love with Tempe. Sure, it's hot as Satan's oven, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make for tasty authentic Mexican food, respectable sushi, delectable hot dogs, and every fast food joint under the sun. Outside of food, the "scenery" is tops in the nation, and the shopping ain't so bad either.

When it comes to a weekend in Tempe, there's so many great options on activities and eats that it is hard to get a hold on all of it. That is where I step in. Without further ado...

C.W.'s top 10 list of things to do on Sun Devil game day (and the day after, too)

This list will give you the opportunity to see Tempe from the perspective of a living, breathing Sun Devil. Well, if he keeps eating the food at number ten, he might not be, but I digress.

Number 10: Eat at Dave's Dog House

Last fall, I strolled into Dave's Dog House early in the afternoon on September 1. Our boys in maroon were set to open the season that evening against San Jose State, and I planned on having a big meal at the Dog House beforehand. It is located right on University, and makes for an easy walk.

While waiting for my food, I was mesmerized by a shocking event: Appalachian State was beating Michigan! This was big news. I watched the third quarter and Michigan was edging slowly closer. What was I eating? Combo #4: Two chili dogs (with everything), fries, and a big soda.

What makes this food so special, you ask? Well, the chili is unique. I've never had it taste like this anywhere else; it's meaty and works great on hot dogs and fries. The fries are salty and hot (they make each fry order individually), and the soda machine works. In short, the meal is God's gift to Tempe.

I like how you pump your own ketchup and cover your fries with it. They also have these great mini-burgers called sliders, but if you want the essential Dave's experience, I highly recommend the chili dogs.

There are only ten days left until Sun Devil football returns. Tomorrow, we unveil number nine on the list.