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Sun Devils 60/1 to Win BCS?

The oddsmakers have released the odds for the Sun Devils (and all of college football), from winning the BCS to winning the Pac-10.

Arizona State 2009 BCS National Championship Odds to win

Bodog: 60/1 60/1

SBG Global: 40/1

Arizona State Pac 10 Conference Odds to win

Bodog: 4/1 4/1

SBG Global: 4/1

Arizona State 2008 Season Win Over/Under Totals

Arizona State Over 8.5 Wins (+105)

Arizona State Under 8.5 Wins (-135)

We don't condone betting at House Of Sparky, but the odds help give us an understanding of how far we have to go before we are taken seriously by the movers and shakers in the media and in Vegas.

That being said, I think I will test my luck on Rudy and company this year. 60/1 is too good to pass up.