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Season Tickets Obtained: A Photo Essay

As a student, we pay $99 for football and men's basketball season tickets (everything else is free to attend). With that, we receive a free shirt. This year, the shirt is mediocre at best, and looks a lot like last year's edition.


There is, however, one main difference.

Dsc02142_medium The back is an advertisement for an ATHLETIC SOCIAL NETWORK. What is, you ask? Well, lets find out.

ASUISTALKING is an online meeting place that helps you connect with people on your CAMPUS.
We are not a GLOBAL social network. We focus all content on what is happening around YOU. On your campus, in your neighborhood and in your world.

It is a crappy version of Facebook. Why would I ever wear this shirt? This is the most commercial piece of junk I've seen in a while.

There is good news to be had in this photo essay, however.


Good luck getting your hands on one of these!