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Tempe Top Ten (Sun Devil Guide to Gameday): Number Eight

Sun Devil football is only seven calendar days away, so we bring you number eight on our countdown...

Number Eight: Check Out Palm Walk

ASU students will be the first to tell you that Palm Walk is pretty cool. It is one of the main walking arteries of campus, that extends from north campus (starting at the University Bridge) down to the Student Recreation Complex. Thousands of students walk on it every day, getting to and from classes, lunch dates and workout plans.

What makes Palm Walk interesting, you ask? First of all, the grandeur of the palm trees.



Palm trees at the north end of the walk were planted in 1916, and are over 90 feet tall; those planted on the south end are over 70 feet and were planted in 1930.

These are old trees, covered in staple marks from decades in the past when it was okay to put fliers up on the wood. Palm trees aren't indigenous to Arizona, but they certainly thrive here. Since most people visiting haven't seen many palm trees, one walk down Palm Walk and you will have your fill.

Tomorrow we will investigate another great food joint...