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Tempe Top Ten (Sun Devil Guide to Gameday): Number Seven

With 6 calendar days until the season begins, we bring you Number Seven on the Tempe Top Ten.

Number Seven: Get a burger at The Chuckbox


The Chuckbox makes amazing burgers, end of story. Tempe is stacked with excellent eats, but not much beats a 1/3-pound burger and a beer before heading to the turnstiles.

It is almost like a buffet, but only for a burger. You order what kind of burger you want at the grill, and they cook it on the spot. Then, you purchase it and walk over to a counter that has every possible condiment and topping you could want, and you can stack on as much as you wish.

It's not cheap, but nothing worth eating ever is (unless you're a college student, and then everything cheap is worth eating, but i digress).

The best part about the ASU campus is that everything is within walking distance, especially once it starts to cool down a little.

The Chuckbox is actually right next to Dave's Dog House, and you can also hit up Palm Walk and "A" Mountain in one fell swoop should you be so inclined.

Tomorrow is the first day of classes. Hopefully the team can get used to the rigors of having both practice and classes and really gear it up for NAU.