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Tempe Top Ten (Sun Devil Guide to Gameday): Number Six

With 5 calendar days to go until kickoff, House Of Sparky brings you number six on the Tempe Top Ten...

Number Six: Go Salt River Tubing

It's not all that close to ASU, but the Salt River is a popular destination for students. Tubing down the river, beer in hand is a tradition that ASU has kept going strong for years.


Photo Credit: Ryan A. Ruiz Photography

Since it is out of the city (in the Tonto National Forest), it is slightly cooler than the concrete jungle of Phoenix. This is also aided by the water, which runs from the mountains and makes for a refreshing experience.

It costs $14 per person, which includes the tube and shuttle from point to point. Don't worry, it's a great time for kids as well... who doesn't enjoy a lazy river?