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Tempe Top Ten (Sun Devil Guide to Gameday): Number Five

Well, it's Tuesday now. The game is on Saturday, and all I have standing in the way of it is a trip to Las Vegas. Hopefully I come back rich and ready for the Rudy show. The next entry in the Tempe Top Ten...

Number Five: Beer and Wings at Hooters on Mill Avenue

You can't go wrong with beer and wings served by sexy Arizona girls. I was there today, actually. Obviously it doesn't help the weekend crowd, but Monday thru Friday from 2 pm to 6 pm is Happy Hour, with $2 domestic drafts and half price wings. But if you get into Tempe a day early...

Location-wise, this Hooters is in a great spot. It's on the corner of Sixth Avenue and Mill Avenue. For a point of reference, Sun Devil Stadium is also on Sixth Avenue, albeit down the street going east about a half mile.

Should you be hungry or thirsty from your walk up "A" Mountain, there is a path that goes directly from there down to Mill and its charms.


Sparky likes the wings.