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Two Minutes With NAU Quarterback Lance Kriesien

NAU QB Lance Krieisen was kind enough to answer a few quick questions for me in the lead-up to the season opener.

Has the quarterback competition made you a better player?

Krieisen: Competition is always good for every player. We have more depth and quality at more positions than I've ever seen since I've been here.

Personally, its reminded me (every day) that you can't take plays off and that if you arent willing to do your job 110%, someone else will.

What is the most exciting aspect of playing ASU?

Krieisen: ASU is just another game to me, honestly. I'm not from AZ so I don't care if it may or may not be an in-state rival to most.

I look at this game as an exciting opportunity to showcase NAU on a national stage against a solid opponent.

ASU has a good team. A win against a team of this caliber would really start our season off right. Playing in front of 60,000+ people is nice as well.

Thanks again Lance! Best of luck this season.