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Player Preview: Kerry Taylor

Kerry Taylor is entering his sophomore year at Arizona State, ending his freshman campaign penciled in as the fourth wide receiver on the depth chart behind Michael Jones, Chris McGaha and Kyle Williams.

Taylor (#5) was a star at Hamilton High School in Chandler, Arizona.

As a true freshman, Taylor caught 8 passes for 53 yards, while registering his one and only touchdown of the season against San Jose State on September 1.

The 6' 190 pound Taylor is currently competing for the third wide receiver slot against Kyle Williams, who is smaller in stature at 5'10" and 185 pounds.

Kerry Taylor - who had a terrific spring - could unseat Kyle Williams as the primary slot receiver. Both Taylor and Williams will be on the field a lot, however, in the four- and five-receiver sets ASU plans to use.

A competition almost always ends up benefiting the team as a whole, bringing out the best in individuals to culminate in group success.

To play devil's advocate, I'm not saying Brett Favre returning to Green Bay helps Aaron Rodgers. At the same time, it certainly will force each quarterback to prepare and play to the absolute best of their abilities.

This also holds true for wide receivers in a college offense, where pinpoint accuracy on routes spells the difference between a 37 yard touchdown pass and a drive-ending interception. And who has to answer for that interception?

"I think Kerry Taylor is going to have a really good year this year. He has worked hard and he's good," said Rudy Carpenter at Media Day.

Carpenter has to love the quality and quantity of his wide receiving and running back corps, considering the inexperience of the offensive line. If his targets can break free quickly and make reasonable gains on second down, there will be much less concern over sacks this year in the desert.

I can see Taylor making a strong bid to receive more looks this season. His sure hands are an asset over the middle, where any type of bobble can lead to disaster. Against tough defenses like Georgia and USC, this skill becomes even more significant.

Future forecast: Taylor wins the third WR slot over Kyle Williams, with Williams focusing his energies on the return game. Taylor makes 24 receptions for 250 yards and 5 touchdowns, being used mainly on short to mid-range gains as a second option to McGaha. Prognostications for entertainment purposes only.