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Ryan Torain: Injury stymies career (again)

UPDATE: Thank you, Red Reign, for uncovering the news that Ryan Torain has broken his elbow. He will be out 6 to 8 weeks, according to Mike Shanahan. This post was about his potential as a starter this year, and will be left intact.

“Really talented. I mean, he’s a big guy, he’s got good moves, he sees the field well, picked up the offense quickly, was protecting well,” [Broncos QB Jay] Cutler said. “I think he’s still going to be a good back. I haven’t heard what the prognosis is or how long he’s going to be out, but he’ll definitely help this team in the future, I’m sure.” Torain was hit by linebackers Jordan Beck and Spencer Larsen and safety Roderick Rogers and put out his left arm to brace his fall as he was flipped.

However, I will reflect upon Torain's injury history. It seems that he gets hurt at the worst times, right when it is least favorable to both his career and his team's fortunes.


From The Rocky Mountain News:

Ryan Torain, 6-1, 225, rookie.

* "I loved, not liked, loved what I saw on tape of him. But that's why we all date and marry different people. It's in the eyes of the beholder. So what I see or don't will vary. . . . I'm definitely expecting him to play and perform and be productive. He's a player with ability. (But) I'm not going to say he's a 'sleeper;' I don't look at my guys that way. We coach them all the same."

That quote was from the Broncos RB Coach Bobby Turner.

Torain is competing with Selvin Young and Andre Hall for carries under Mike Shanahan, a coach not afraid to start a rookie running back in the first game of the year.

Torain was a bruising, complete running back for the Sun Devils when he was healthy. His injury was a significant blow to our 2007 successes and failures, leaving us without a power running option in crucial losses to Oregon and USC.

Imagine one more year with Ryan Torain in the Sun Devil backfield. Denver will soon find out what we knew for years: Torain is a special talent.