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Arizona Fans: Chugging The Kool-Aid

After demolishing Idaho 70-0 on Saturday, Wildcat fans have found it difficult to contain their excitement.

Heck, I can't blame them. After years and years and years and years of mediocrity, they actually hung 70 points on a Division 1-A school! UNFURL THE BANNERS! BCS HERE WE COME!

Over at RauRaur, we are given this nugget of information..

Regardless, the program just took a big step towards erasing the stigma that “Stoops loses to teams that he shouldn’t lose to.” Some might argue that he’ll face five such foes in the coming weeks. Jury’s still out, etc. But Arizona has the nation’s highest scoring offense and is tied for first in scoring defense. History will show that Arizona scored more points than any football team — professional or otherwise — in the month of August 2008 (sorry, I don’t see Kentucky, Louisville, Colorado, or Colorado St. — all of whom play today — hanging 70 points on the board). I imagine even USC fans lifted an eyebrow upon seeing the ‘Cats box score in their morning paper.

Seventy. Zero. Covered by 43. Let’s enjoy this for a while…

The statistics are all correct in this quote. Of course, it's because they pitched a shutout and at the same time dropped 70, but at the end of the year I imagine they will look more like this, averaging 28 or so points while allowing 27 (this number pushed down by the shutout against Idaho and a really tough matchup against Toledo).

I can't possibly allow Arizona to enjoy their win this much. It pains me to realize that they could, based on their weak schedule, go 6-0 before reality strikes. However, I have faith in Mike Stoops and his idiocy, and I have a feeling that UCLA and Stanford will break the Wildcat spirit.

Until then, we will have to deal with chants of "this is our year!" from Tucson. Or, if you're so inclined, "éste es nuestro año!"