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The UNLV Rebels Upset ASU, or "The Sun Devils Ruined My Life"

I am disgusted.

Disgusted that we could lose to UNLV at home. Angry that their quarterback knew just how to pick apart our supposedly solid defense. Depressed that our season is circling the drain, and can only be salvaged by running the table and going to the Rose Bowl.

But the worst part?

I didn't think it could ever happen. I was 100% certain we would be 3-0 next week, taking on Georgia in a battle of conference supremacy.

Today, we learned the Pac-10 is a joke. Outside of USC, we are a horrible conference with very little talent at this point in the season. Oregon looks suspect at best, and everyone else lost. Oregon State? Meh. UCLA lost by FIFTY NINE POINTS and didn't score ANY.

There are no words that can truly describe how I feel. Arizona State let me down today, in the worst way. I will be in the student section next Saturday, screaming at the Devils to beat the 'Dogs, but I am beyond dejected at this very moment. Going 8-0 to start the year in 2007; it's like I took it for granted to just get to 3 wins. Shame on me, and shame on the Devils for doing the same thing.

Who do I blame?

The O-line gave up too many sacks and let too many people through. Rudy didn't find Jovon Williams when he was open in the end zone in overtime. Dennis Erickson didn't push the accelerator enough. Shaun Dewitty was benched at the worst possible time.

You want more scapegoats? Okay.

Omar Bolden played like a high schooler, giving up all kinds of first downs. UNLV's receiver core is unheralded, but looked solid. That catch in the corner in the 4th was mind-blowing.

In the end, I know we have no one to blame but ourselves. And that is the type of attitude that just might win us some more games.