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Pac-10 Review, Week #3

This week was a disaster for the Pac-10, USC victory notwithstanding. The chinks in the armor are evident, and most every team has a lot of work to do going into Week 4.

Lets review my picks.

Washington St. vs Baylor

Prediction: Baylor 34, Washington St. 14

Reality: Baylor 45, Washington St. 17

We knew this was coming... Wazzu is horrible.

California vs. Maryland

Prediction: California 52, Maryland 20

Reality: Maryland 35, California 27

This game was a foreboding sign of things to come. Cal just couldn't step it up on the road against the Terps. Lest we forget the game kicked off at 9:00 AM Pacific, and the Golden Bears may have been a little jet lagged, but the talent gap wasn't as big as I thought it was.

Oregon vs. Purdue

Prediction: Oregon 35, Purdue 31

Reality: Oregon 32, Purdue 26

I think this is going to be a good game. Purdue has home-field advantage, but Oregon has an edge in talent. This comes down to the final 5 minutes.

Hey, I am right once in a while, huh?


Prediction: BYU 45, UCLA 28

Reality: BYU 59, UCLA 0

No one saw this one coming... UCLA's win against Tennessee makes the Volunteers look REALLY bad.

Hawaii vs. Oregon State

Prediction: Oregon State 42, Hawaii 35

Reality: Oregon State 45, Hawaii 7

I gave Hawaii too much mental credit as a high scoring team, even though I acknowledged their changes in the coaching staff and the skill positions. At least the Pac-10 won a few games on Saturday..

Stanford vs. TCU

Prediction: TCU 35, Stanford 24

Reality: TCU 31, Stanford 14

TCU looked like the superior team on Saturday, and Jim Harbaugh's superior coaching ability couldn't lead them to a victory.

Oklahoma vs. Washington

Prediction: Oklahoma 56, Washington 27

Reality: Oklahoma 55, Washington 14

Nothing to see here, folks. Oklahoma has arrived, and Washington is a long way away.

Ohio State vs. USC

Prediction: USC 42, Ohio State 30

Reality: USC 35, Ohio State 3

My prediction lended itself towards my hope that the team that had played in the last two BCS bowls wasn't really that bad. But it turns out they are pretty bad, and the Big Ten is a big joke.

Arizona vs. New Mexico

Prediction: Arizona 54, New Mexico 13

Reality: New Mexico 36, Arizona 28

When I saw this final score at Sun Devil Stadium, I laughed. I'm not laughing anymore.

UNLV vs. Arizona State

Prediction: ASU 48, UNLV 10

Reality: UNLV 23, ASU 20

This was "sickening," as Dennis Erickson put it. A disgrace of a loss that can never be forgotten.

C.W.'s Stats

Week 3: 7-3

Season: 19-5


This week, I'm going to try something a bit different. I am going to pick every single Division 1-A game. Good luck with that, right?