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Biggest game of the year?

With Oregon currently getting beat by BSU, and USC dominating like usual, our hopes for any sort of prestigious bowl game ride on winning this game. To offset the horrible, horrible loss against UNLV we need a big non-conference win like this.

We are resting just outside the top 25, ~#26-28 on most polls.
Today, so far, in the top 25 teams that have lost, could lose, or are losing are #15 ECU lost, #17 Oregon (could win still though), #20 Utah is tied with two minutes left, and #21 WVU lost on thursday. So.. Clearly there is room for us.

If we win today, not only will we be back in the top #20, but we will know that our team has some character and toughness that is in huge question following the humbling of last week.

Much hoopla has been made about our team this week and how scared we should be of the Georgia running game, and the Georgia defense. I can't really say much, other than we have no one believing we will win other than Sun Devil nation - and even some of our fans are doubting us.

Come on Rudy. Come on Erickson. Lets show how ASU football has turned itself around and has a different mentality than prior teams. Lets show how this new coaching staff and group of players is unwilling to let big SEC teams come into our stadium and beat up on us. Lets defend our house. Lets go Devils.