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Georgia Tars And Feathers ASU; Mark Richt Lies

I just want to begin by mentioning one statistical figure that may indicate why we lost 27-10 tonight. What is this stat, you ask?

We amassed 4 rushing yards. Not on one carry, but in the entire game. The defense didn't have to worry, because Keegan Herring was out and Dimitri Nance has looked terrible this season.

After the game, UGA head coach Mark Richt offered up this bit of information:

"I'm very thankful for the victory," said Georgia head coach Mark Richt. "I'm proud of our team and proud of our coaches. I thought they did a fantastic job tonight. Arizona State is an outstanding football team that is very well- coached."

What a farce. A politically correct farce. ASU is not an outstanding football team. We have lost two straight at home, first to UNLV and then to Georgia. Losing to a team like Georgia, while painful, is fully acceptable considering the caliber of their recruiting and their current status as #3 in the nation.

But after losing to UNLV and Georgia, we must come to the most logical conclusion: We are not a good team. In fact, I might say we are bad. Our secondary has looked miserable these last few games; I am willing to publicly call for the benching of Omar Bolden, who has looked horrible this season.

Other bits: Knowshon Moreno is explosive and every bit of the player he is advertised to be.  The sheer amount of Georgia fans at the game was very impressive as well, and it was fun to see some fresh blood in Tempe. I doubt they will see the same type of exodus into Athens in 2009. I also can't help but imagine that they were disappointed in the sparseness of the tailgating, but it was hot as Satan's oven outside today and despite knowing better, I was out drinking from 1:15 til gametime...