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USC The Only Pac-10 Team Represented In AP Poll; Oregon #26

Well, the Pac-10 has earned this dishonor. We can't beat non-conference foes, making us look pretty pathetic. USC has dismantled both teams it has played, including Ohio State, which is very respectable.

This is the AP Top 25, as per ESPN:


Oregon received 100 votes, leaving them right on the brim of being ranked. Boise State, the team that they lost to on Saturday, is #19. Boy, those mid-major conferences are very well represented this week. Lets just list them.

BYU, Utah, Boise State, East Carolina, TCU, Fresno State. That is 3 teams from the Mountain West, two from the WAC, and one from and one from Conference USA.

And one from the Pac-10.