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Pac 10: Wide Open

Before I go into my ramble on the amazingness of Arizona State football, I will introduce myself. I am a soon to be senior at ASU. I live for football season. I live for basketball season. I even went to games during the Rob Evans "era." I've seen the highs(last year's 8-0 start) and the lows(see 2 weeks ago). I continue to bleed maroon and gold. Why? I pay tuition. Therefore I love every minute spent on and around campus. Oh, and I never really enjoyed English class, so excuse my unkempt writing skills.

Last year, Stanford's stunning victory over USC in Los Angeles proved to the nation the strength of the Pac-10. 

But this is 2008. USC is expected to run away with the conference title. Yet as I write this article, the Beavs are damming up the SC rushing attack. So what exactly does this say for the Pac-10? 

It is still ours to take. Yeah yeah, I know what you are thinking. So stop thinking it and give this a listen.  Our trip to Berkeley will likely determine whether or not we compete for the PAC-10 title or not. 

A third straight loss sends us spiraling downward heading into the biggest game of the year, our trek into the Coliseum. With winter just around the corner, the Cal Bears are looking to feast off of that weak offensive line of ours before they go hibernating. Coming off of ASU's bye week, Cal could be facing a considerably different team than the films may show. 

With Keegan Herring's return from his oft-injured hammy, and several possible lineup shakeups, ASU has the chance to discover a team identity before it is too late. If they can re-invent their offense to one reminiscent of 2007, then ASU stands a chance to win the Pac-10. 

Every game from here on out is winnable, even road games at USC and Oregon State. It might be a dog fight (hopefully against less powerful and dominant dogs than the Georgia ones that bit us last weekend), but we have the talent, speed, and senior leadership necessary to carry us to the top of the heap.

Jump back on the bandwagon folks; we have a lot of football left to play.