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Here we go Devils!

Things to look for:

  • Continued Consistency In Passing Game - look for Rudy to come out firing early. The coaches are going to want to get Rudy into one of his classic rhythms where he is one of the most accurate passers in the conference, if not the country. Carpenter looks much bigger, stronger, and faster this season and now is the time to put all that off season work to use.
  • THE RUN GAME! - I do not want to see Rudy Carpenter as our leading rusher again. I want to see the blockers creating some holes, and I want to see our runners pounding out some consistent 4-6 yard gains on the ground.
  • No Sacks - Lets try and protect Rudy all game. If the line can build up their confidence against Stanford it will really bode well for their spirits heading into the Georgia game in a few weeks.
  • Defense - I want to see us pressuring the quarterback all game, and I want us to cause a few turnovers. No big plays.
  • Special Teams continued dominance