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Saguaro Defensive Lineman Corey Adams Commits To ASU

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According to ESPN Insider, Corey Adams is a 83-rated defensive lineman.

Well-built and pretty fundamentally sound, Adams is a very good prospect. With additional bulk and fine-tuning, he can grow into a very good college player.

This is a huge land for Dennis Erickson, and it proves that ASU is still improving their recruiting rather than taking a step back after a disappointing 5-7 season.

Hopefully this leads to a large influx of Arizona-based players sticking around and competing at their home college.

Adams, who played most of the 2008 Class 4A Division I state championship season playing on an injured ankle, said by committing now, his hope is that other top Arizona players will follow him this year and in the future.

"He wants to be an ambassador to Arizona and try to get all of the best Arizona kids to come to ASU," Saguaro coach John Sanders said.

Adams, a run-stopper who has athleticism to sack quarterbacks (the school credited him with more than 20 his junior season), joins two good friends at Saguaro, offensive guard Kody Koebensky and tight end Max Smith, who have committed to ASU.

Even though they have discussed continuing their football careers together, Adams said his friends didn't influence his decision.

"It would be cool to let everyone know what we have in our backyard, and hopefully we can put ASU on the map with all the other big schools in the country," he said.

This is just the boost we needed. Now if we could only get Devon Kennard to commit...