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Sun Devils Drop In Both Polls, Now 17/16 in AP/USA Today

Despite the big victory against UCLA on Saturday, the Sun Devils were punished for their road loss against USC, dropping one rank in both polls down to #17/#16.

UCLA is now #13/#11. After losing on the road to Stanford, California dropped out of the top 25, leaving just two Pac-10 representatives.

Wake Forest is now #1 in both polls, being the only undefeated team in college hoops.

Other notes: Gonzaga has resurrected their season, and have re-entered the AP 25 at #23.

I don't personally take any stake in the Top 25. In the past, Gonzaga in particular would get a seed in the NCAA Tournament that did not at all reflect their position in the Top 25. If I recall correctly, they were a top 10 team, yet they got a 6 or 7 seed a few years back.

ASU is looking quite good. In the fall, I wrote a post chastising an AP pollster for NCAA Football over his poll leaving ASU out of the top 25. It turns out he was right. Thus, this post is a factual piece with no gripes attached.