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ASU Beats Arizona in Tucson - 3 in a row against the Kitty Cats

53-47, a pretty close game that was handled pretty easily by ASU in the last 5 minutes despite a few tense moments.

Huge final minutes for Glasser, Harden, and Pendergraph.  Glasser has really been stepping his game up during Pac-10 play and those two 3s he hit were massive, especially the latter.

Harden, as usual, was baller down the stretch. He needs to reign it in a bit though - he is starting to play a bit like Dwayne Wade - and the recklessness is going to catch up with him with nagging injuries.  That last jump against Buddinger was stupid.

Pendergraph seems to be healthy again and has been a double double machine.  He is playing much smarter D this year - he can't be fouling out of games.  If it was Boateng in there...aiy yai yai.

We got a few calls, U of A's coach is no Lute Olsen, and our guys are just plain good in close games.

Big road victory. 2-1 on the road trip is something I think we all have to be happy with. Frankly, the skeptic in me saw 1-2  with the win coming at USC.

We are Tourney bound.