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The Evening Edition: Links and Thoughts From Inside Sun Devil Nation

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As a blog writer, I have the option of doing pretty much anything I want in regards to content and style. This is a blessing and a curse, because we are not subjected to deadlines and pressure from higher-ups in the same way that a writer at the Arizona Republic is. It also allows for more creativity in the writing process.

I want to make House of Sparky the best ASU sports blog in existence. We have some quality competitors who help keep ASU fans up to date on everything that happens in Tempe and beyond. Their work ethic keeps pushing me. I don't want to be just another blog; I want to be THE blog.

With that said, I'm starting a new feature here at House of Sparky: The Evening Edition. Nighttime morsels of information for you to ponder before you go to sleep. There's always something interesting here at House of Sparky, ASU-related or not.

Lets start with some random sports links.

As many of you know, I'm a die-hard Phillies fan. This story really made me happy. Rick Reilly tells us about an assertive Phillies fan who finds his way onto the field for the World Series celebration and beyond.

T Kyle King, our friend from Dawg Sports, the UGA blog here at SBNation, interviewed U.S. Representative Jack Kingston (R-GA) regarding his interesting vote on the non-binding resolutation congratulating Florida on their National Championship victory...

The Diamondbacks have signed Jon Garland. What does this mean for them? AZ Snakepit has all the juicy details.

Next up, lets see what is happening in Sun Devil Land.

ASU is hoping to get 10,000 butts in the seats for basketball this weekend, regardless of the FBR, Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl parties, or recession.

We lost the Devon Kennard sweepstakes. USC takes home the booty.

ASU track and field is back and ready to compete for another National Championship.

Tomorrow, ASU takes on WSU at Wells Fargo Arena. Be there. The team has been gone for a while and needs your support. We are now #14 in both polls and earning a lot of respect for our gritty wins. Check back here for gameday updates and a postgame recap from yours truly.