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ASU Men's Basketball Rolls Over Stanford

Before Friday's game in Palo Alto, there was one assumption I made about this team.  They can't win if Stanford shuts down James Harden.  Harden was held to 0 points in the first half, yet the Devils found themselves up 13 at the half.  Harden was anything but ineffective.  His career-high 10 assists prove that the Devils are capable of winning without Harden scoring all the points.  Pendergraph contributed 31 points and Glasser scored 13 to lead the Devils to a 12-1 (1-0) record.  THE SUN DEVILS  ARE A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH NATIONALLY.

This team is finally gelling and getting the contributions from the players we need.  The Devils next foe on Sunday is the Cal Bears.  Cal is coming off of a win against the team 120 miles south of Tempe.  Prediction: ASU 74 Cal 68.