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The Evening Edition: Huskies Invasion Tomorrow

After a loss that showcased our weaknesses (3PT defense, players not named James Harden), we must get back into the swing of things against a decent opponent who is also coming off a rough 106-97 loss (losing to Arizona is not considered a good loss anymore, but giving up 106 points is absurd).

Can we contain the Husky offense? Scoring 97 on the road is impressive, and we only scored 55 last night. Unfortunately, we need to do a whole lot better to compete against UW. Their offense can be slowed by our 2-3 zone, but enough to support our currently pedestrian offense? One can only hope.

One writer loves James Harden and expects him to become a household name soon..

Here is the ASU game preview.

Burfict to announce decision on Signing Day
Corona Centennial senior inside linebacker Vontaze Burfict will wait until the morning of Feb. 4 to announce his college decision, Huskies coach Matt Logan said Friday afternoon.

That's just the latest... I think he'll be playing for us, and will a superstar for the Sun Devils.

The game is at 3:30 PM MST tomorrow at Wells Fargo... lets get some support for this team again!